Event Coverage: Sema 2012 – Part 5.


Heading back outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center for this extra long SEMA coverage post today.

I’m not sure the exact criteria for parking outside of the Convention Center but if I were to guess I’d imagine it’s similar to one of the larger “invite-only” car shows in the states.

I like walking the outside because many of the cars look as though they put rubber down on the street inside of just inside a trailer.

DUB Show Tour

The shuttle that ran from our hotel to the show stopped right outside the ‘DUB’ area of the show so that is where today’s coverage will begin.

We don’t get these shows in Canada so walking around the one at SEMA is always interesting to say the least.

The shuttle stop was literally right behind this dually so it’s as good place to start as any
While not as low as some of the other duallys at SEMA I could appreciate the interior work, I personally love when striping continues into the jambs
Not a huge fan of the wheel faces but the rest of this car is pretty nice
If memory serves the wheels on this were also quite questionable but the colour was nice
Kompresion Wheels ’37 Ford coupe project
The Torq Roadster; a weird reverse trike that weighs less than 2000 lbs and has 612 foot pounds of torque
Fisker Karma
Wood inserts caught my eye, wonder if this will catch on
Misha Designs widebody SLM, a stand out of the Dub area
SLR adorned with lots of CF
Also wouldn’t mind this
Hofele kitted Audi A8L from Platinum Motorsport
Beetle bagged on Fifteen52s
Aventador on new penny esque finished wheels, HRE had a finish like this on display as well
Couldn’t go through the whole DUB section without taking shots of something ridiculous
Curious how much time is spent on each of these wheels (clearly more time than was spent on headlight fitment)
To each their own right?


This insanse 2CV was part of Meguair’s Car Crazy International showcase and was flown in from France


In 2010 there was a number of stunning VIP builds outside the show and this year was more of the same, don’t readily recall seeing any inside however.

This LS430 from South Korea was also part of the Meguair’s Car Crazy International Showcase
Lyndsey spotted this Lexus
Clearly she was drawn in by the bling
Beatiful LS from Platinum VIP
This Junction Produce LS460 was incredibly classy
One of those cars with a lot done to it but all flows together flawlessly


E34 from WekSos on 19″ LINEA CORSE 818s
This E Class on Works was another AirRex/Stancelab project
This Beetle was in front of the Juanky Built Dodge, the cleared patina was  nice look
Nice looking Panamera parked out front
The spoke design on this wheel reminds me a bit of the Luxury Abstract Mador
One of, if not the lowest, X5s I have ever seen
Had to take another shot of this car, loved the paint under the sun
GrinderTV’s Audi S4
ADV-1s over a large BBK
Twin supercharged M5
Some searching reveals the specs at  650hp and 500 ftlbs


Bagged 5 Axis IQ, wonder how much space is left in the hatch…
Opposite end of the G I posted in part 1
RSX on one of the many TE variants
Nice colour on this G35 sedan, also interesting to see one with no door handles to speak of
Accuair/Forge Wheels STI project
S2000 on SSRs that reminds me of a couple in Ontario
Sun Works once again with the SR20 powered Bluebird I have been posting a lot of on facebook and instagram


So many great trucks at SEMA and so little time and card space. I guess it’s to my advantage that most of them are outside which allowed me to take a lot of these photos after we were told to leave the Convention Center.

Very clean almost factory fresh c10
I totally failed at getting more frame shots this year but it was cool to learn this is slated to go under a C10
I’m pretty sure I want to own one of these one day
Love the front tire mount for the bike
Great looking Pro Streetish F-100
Killer ’67 Beckett Automotive
This truck reminds me a lot of one I saw in 2010
Big wheel, big  truck, big tuck, look is growing on me
4Runner from No Regrets Truck Club
The owner of this Toyota was kind enough to let me open and close the doors to get shots I wanted
Great interior right down to the custom pedals
These look so good laid out and the knock offs on the wheels were a nice ‘not-so-typical’ touch too
Bay shot
Going to end with this six wheeled This six wheeled Dodge D50 (never seen one before) is known as the “Six Shooter”
Six shooter shifter, lawn chairs for seats, cowhide flooring
This truck actually left under it’s own power which I was surprised to see

Hoping to finish of the inside of the show with the next post then intermix a few more showstoppers in with the rest of the weeks content. 29 gigs worth of photos takes a bit of time to go through.


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