Event Coverage: Sema 2012 – Part 1.


Traditionally a Theme Tuesday post would be in place of this one but since I didn’t have time to get one finished before leaving for Vegas I am going to get right into the 2012 SEMA coverage.

Since attending in 2010 I’ve been itching to get back and based on what I saw outside the convention center yesterday SEMA 2012 is going to surpass my expectations.

Since Lyndsey and I agreed that after Wednesday the trip will be all things SEMA we only spent about an hour or so getting our media passes but even still today’s photos should give you a good idea of the variety and calibre of vehicles present in 2012.


This isn’t even half of the cars that were outside, I made a mental note of a few to go back and check out in further detail later in the week.

With all the talk about hurricane Sandy truck probably could have been better used elsewhere
Underneath all that purple line-x and bullet proof sheet metal is a Chevy Tahoe
I know some sites would completely look over this car because Rota is “the devil” but it was pretty clean…
Great looking 911
Chevelle with 35s on a 3/4 ton truck chassis with Dana 44 up front and GM 14 bolt out back
Team 16NiSS’ Lexus IS250
The wheels are custom Kartier Forged pieces
Futura brakes under those wheels
This raw Caddy was incredible, most certainly have to go back and get a few more shots of this when the lighting is a bit better
Here’s another shot though in case I get distracted….
Really love black exteriors and red guts
Great looking Bel Air from Steele rubber with a stock floor body drop
Rear end of a particularly wide Nissan
GS on Work Gnosis with the awesome bronze finish on the lips
Bippu style on the new Equips
AirRex/Forjworks Genesis project
Not the typical wheel choice for a Subaru but it works nicely
The wrap on the hood and roof was also different but equally effective
Simply loved this Bluebird/510. So incredibly clean and tasteful
Who would have thunk powder blue would look so good on an Evo?
Speaking of awesome paint colours the paint on this MK3 was simply stunning
With Rotiform involved the fitment was of course pushing the boundaries.
Didn’t have a whole of of time to check this car out either but it’s on my list to look at more Wednesday
Candidate for the first SEMA Showstopper of 2012 perhaps?


Like 2010 a lot of the vehicles outside of the convention center were trucks, and being a truck loving sob it was almost heaven.

Something I didn’t get a lot of in 2010 were unfinished projects, I want to take more photos of those this year
I’ve always like seeing builds at this stage… so much work already done, lots left to do, but so much potential
Man I have not seen those particular Niche wheels in a looooong time
Layin’ rocker
Check the front camber on this laid out
I swear I have a few old magazines at my mom’s place with trucks that looked exactly like this one.. classic style
Beautiful Dodge
07 Silverado with an Escalade conversion tucking 28s
Completely smooth bed work shining in the Vegas sun
Hammered dually’s get a lot of love around here
Tuckin’ Lug
This 62ish Chevy was my favourite vehicle of the day
Super straight body, laid out, candy roof, moons, whites… awesome
Then there was the bed!

I am really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the show has to offer on Wednesday and I hope you are all looking forward to the onslaught of coverage.

In the mean time feel free to check in on what I am doing via instragram (@stanceiseverythingcom) twitter (@perfectstance), and facebook (facebook.com/stanceiseverything.com).


  1. I agree that Chevy definitely rings a bell. Not impossible that it was pulled out of someone’s garage for another round of publicity.

  2. Hey saw you Wednesday at the show! Glad you covered another local annual event! Not sure when you are leaving, but you should check out the SEMA cruise at 4 today.

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