Event Coverage: Scrape By The Lake Part 3


The third and final part of the automotive coverage from Scrape By The Lake are the type of cars you would expect at your average car show.

Actually if you think about it this section was the size or a normal car show making Scrape kind of like three car shows in one…

Anyway, quite a few unique rides here as well.

Random stuff

Stickers, bikes, whatever

I think anyone with a bags are for groceries sticker at Scrape got hurt
Amazing, and true
The car the sticker above was on
This made me chuckle
This US Army truck was pretty cool I must say
Salute to any who has enlisted in any sort of military, get back safe
Bagged Saturn Ion? That's a new one to me

Hardcore show cars

Going all out for trophies

So... on to the next one?
I see this car all the time at shows, but only just noticed the tv
I think this started as a Honda, at one point, maybe?
This car is always changing but I think the blower is new
Smart move with the tent this year as the weather was iffy at points


Odd pairing but I have one shot of each brand…

Nice looking Cobalt SS. These > Cavaliers
One of the handful of BMWs that were at scrape

Division R

Sam and a few other guys from Division R made the trek to Scrape

Sam has done a few things since his feature the new hood I noticed right away
and this sticker was also new to me
Division R's Jetta on Keskins


Boosted Probe
Erock from Nine O Five rides brought his fitted Probe out
I can't recall the last SVT Contour I've seen, and this is no doubt the lowest


Exclusive Tire's Mazda 3
Rare to see an MX-6 done so well
RX-8 on Gramlights
Fun looking boosted Miata


Dudes from New York love this paint effect, they are the only guys I ever see with it
I took a picture of this car at T.A.S.R but this one is a little better
Nice, clean, mostly original RHD CRX
K swapped CRX
Repping for Street Outlawz
I had never seen this kit before, from what I am told it's 12pcs and very rare
Clean looking shaved bay
Under hood close up showing the charger and home made dampener

Classics and Muscle

1/4 mile demon
Patina done perfect
Dirty Lincoln
Nice Impala with a more modern approach
I will never get sick of this front end
Amazing Caddy
When I saw the Chevy on the valve cover I was ready to scream sacrilege
Then I took a closer look and I was ok with it, bet she moves


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