Event Coverage: The Women Of Scrape


Well, it’s time for the last part of the event coverage from Scrape By The Lake, and depending on how you look at it I saved the best for last.

If girls and cars are going to be at the same venue I prefer them to be  separate from the cars so one does not distract from the other.

Warning: If your place of work monitors what you view you might want to wait until you get home to view this post, you’ve been warned.  Sorry in advance to the female readers.

Since I did a lot of driving the day of the show I almost didn’t stay for this, but once I got all the coverage I needed done I realized the show was scheduled to start five minutes in about five minutes.

I opted not to go up on stage, even though I had a media pass, because all the action was directed to the crowd anyway.

Interesting shirt I saw while waiting for things to get going
I think this girl was at Summer Sizzle
So many of the dudes in the background were just not paying attention
I think something on the girl on the right changed from last year but I can't put my finger on it
She's smiling right at me, naturally
Workin it
Shirt was useless anyway
I'll let you think of your own caption for this one
Dude in the back is paying attention now
She needed more water than the rain provided
She had obviously done this before
The crowd was in shock, announcer didn't care lol
Pretty sure one of these girls took it all home
Until next year


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