Event Coverage: Squeaky Clean ‘Coffee’


In 2011 Matt ended his previous show series, Tuners Against Street Racing, to start his new endevaour Squeaky Clean.

The first Squeaky Clean event had a bit of a luke warm reception (not helped in the least the weather) so for 2012 Matt started with an event focused on the cars and the people instead of awards.

Held at Neo Motorsport in Richmond Hill ‘Coffee’ was a great excuse for GTA enthusiasts to get together on a warm spring day.

I had some running around to do in the morning so I missed a few cars but there was still quite a bit more people at the event than in these photos.

Nice to see this Healy out, a little diversity never hurt anyone
Car sounded great too
These two were selling cans of Plasti Dip and were clearly fans of the product
The owner of this car was telling me he plans to go lower and wider soon, should be interesting
Missed most of the Scrape Crusaders at this event
If these front wheels came out a bit more (nothing crazy) this Lexus would look even cleaner
It's very subtle but this Subaru has a bit of gold flake in the paint
Fitted G Sedan
One of Neo Motorsports sponsored track cars
My friend Steve recently put on these RPF-1s, he also got a custom version of the script sticker through the affiliate store on SecheMedia.ca
Big fan of this Miata
Under the hood was more reason to like it

About midway through the event this Ford pulled up with a water filled tarp in the bed and two girls sitting inside.

I honestly had no idea people actually did this and I didn’t get too close to the whole set-up because I was convinced it was part of some hidden Just For Laughs gag.

The Optimus Reim decal just made this whole thing even more random
Wobbly pops perhaps?
No clue how far they travelled like this

Anyway keeping it moving aside from the S13 at the end of this post some of the most impressive cars at this meet were Hondas.

Mixed in with the regulars were a few cars I had never seen before.

When Matt is not driving his s2000 he drives this Civic and I guess when that runs out of gas he takes his bike
Local JDMrides guys
Clean pair of sedas sittin low
Great wheel choice here works well with the paint color
Surprising colour combination that I think works well
This Black on Robins egg blue also looked pretty nice
Nicely put together EK hatch
For a car that gets tracked consisently Spenser's car always looks great
His engine bay trumps lots of show cars too
Yellow s2000s really conflict with previous statements I have made about not liking yellow cars
Nice to see a wheel I'm not familar with
Another s2000 on wheels I later learned were 5zigen-Heidfelds
Got carbon?
Elevated always comes out to support Matt's events
Brian in his usual hoodless fashion, like Spenser's car this car also keeps getting better and better
NSX I've never seen out before

As I mentioned before this was the stand out car of the meet for me, looked great, sounded amazing, and can no doubt tear up a track.

Look forward to seeing it sliding at some events this year.

As many of you mentioned on facebook, that is indeed one expensive hood prop
Next time I'll focus on the SR20....
Looking at so much negative camber the rear almost looks positive
That is a lot of tire
I'll see if I can take a similar pic of this corner as the season progresses

2012 season already off to a great start…


  1. LoL love the captions that go along with all the great pictures…btw those 3 piece 5zigen Heidfelds have such a long story behind them to get to were they are now….thanks for the amazing pictures

  2. Is it me or is that Silvia looking like it has some positive camber in the rear… That would be different then the usual negative camber.

    • Colin it isn’t just you. I think a lot of drifters are running very little rear camber now for better tire wear. I wouldn’t be surprised if some are experimenting with positive as well.

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