WTF Friday: Mini Me


Remember Penny Racers? If you do than you will probably see the resemblance between those cheap yet amusing little toys and these mini Camaros from the 70s.

Oddly enough two companies released very similar Camaro kits, one by a company called KAR and another by a company called Glass Vac and from what I have read both were based around a Beetle chassis.

Nothing like a project that is a bit of a basket case
The proportions are oddly right on these things
A look at the power plant
A finished model... perhaps the same one?
The paint on it reminds me of the fiberglass coin op cars you see outside of supermarkets
I guess the VW Vin would make it eligible for historic plates

Both kits are pretty rare now but like all things show up to online auctions every now and again, they look like they could be a very interesting project to play with if you could get your hands on one.

I’m sure with enough power these could do wheelies just like toy.

Heck they would probably look good slammed too.

Thanks Ollie for the tip, more info can be found here.

Site Updates

This Sunday I should be at the first Squeaky Clean event of the year.

I’ve also got my wheel back from repair now so my car should be back together soon once I find sometime to give everything a very good cleaning (read not this weekend).

Flashback Friday

Just because I had this open today for a few discussions on the fanpage I am going to flashback (again) to a Theme Tuesday I did on unique local motorswaps.

Both Northstar swaps I posted on the fan page along with a few other things are in there.

Finally RIP MCA.

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