Who needs candy?


I had to laugh to myself a little when I saw this van because I knew I had to post it, and I know some of you are going to think it doesn’t belong.

Truth is, though way before my time, 70 vans have always intrigued me. They are an interesting niche of car culture and from what I’ve been told ‘vanners’ are often far more interesting than the vans themselves.

This 71 Dodge Tradesman built by Ron Cambra was actually at SEMA in 2010 and had a feature in Truckin’ magazine.

The van has a ride tech system underneath it inclduing a 4 link rear
Paint work was done by Steve Vandemon using House of Kolors paint
True spoke wheels wrapped in Cooper Cobras.. I have not seen Cobras in awhile
I wonder how those side pipes sound?
The Octopus's Garden At Sema, my only gripe would be the headlight covers but I suppose it is period correct?

Initially spotted this on The Low Down then truespoke.net and a few other places.


  1. The interiors on these things are usually more intriguing than the exteriors. It probably sounds like a school bus… with straight pipes.

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