Orion’s Belt


Ford Escorts came in several very different flavors. There was the North American Escort, the superior European Escort, and then the Escorts second cousin twice removed the Ford Orion.

A quick peek at the wikipedia page reveals that the Orion was a four cylinder motivated, UK only, saloon version of the Escort hatchback that didn’t sell particularly stellar or make much of a splash.

This Orion is far from standard kit though as it’s been resprayed, fitted with colour matched BBS RMS, KW V1 coils, a new interior, and custom bumpers made up of Renault and MK7 Escort parts.

All said and done it’s a pretty tidy example of a platform I was completely unaware of until I spotted it on Suck Squeeze Bang Blow.







Photo Credit: Konzepteuro – A feature is there also, though it is in Spanish.


  1. That is nice. Thanks for posting.

    In a previous life I had an Orion, in the days when stance was just a “low car with nice wheels” and slamming to the ground was still a VW thing. I never got around to finishing it to this level of detail though as emigration and marriage got in the way. I still love the looks of this body style though.

  2. Wow, that has a really clean interior!

    I’m loving this site and all the different cars you feature! I found it through the featured Ford Probe. I have one myself and know Eric from the Probetalk forum. Certainly appreciate the effort you are giving to the rare/weird cars. So much better than all the magazines that have seemingly become strictly EVO/STI.

    • @The Cat Herder marraige has a way of getting in the way 🙂 I like the body style too I liked escorts too though (despite the fact ours were kind of cruddy)
      @GoodNewsAmos Thanks! I do my best 🙂

  3. I never would have imagined in all of my days I would ever see a cool Orion. but I just did.

    Man these things looked boring in stock guise, this one’s nice though, very nice.

    by the way the Orion was not UK only, but Europe only. hence the Spanish license plates (E for España)

  4. […] I tend to spend a lot of time online reading car blogs and websites, mainly because I don’t have the time or budget to build my own vision of automotive heaven. There are a lot of sites I visit only occasionally but one that I visit daily is Stance Is Everything run by Dave Thomas out of Toronto. Dave seems to have similar automotive tastes to me, and he really made my week with his Orions Belt post. […]

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