What is Sic Ryde: Importfest Contest


As mentioned previously the 10th Anniversary Importfest show takes place September 11th 2010 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center and thanks to Sic Ryde I have a pair of Importfest tickets to give away along with a limited edition Sic Ryde key chain.

The contest is open to anyone within driving distance* of the show and entering the contest is simple, the person who can best describe what Sic Ryde is in the comments of this post will win the prize package**.

Be creative and original as the mystery has not yet been revealed. Remember, it’s not a car show, it’s not a car club, what is it?

Sic Ryde: Expect The Unexpected.

The contest will run from September 01 2010 to 12:00pm September 9th 2010 and the winner will be chose by the Sic Ryde.

What is Sic Ryde?
My keys and keychain thanks to Sic Ryde
Sept 11th 2010 is quickly approaching!

Contest brought to you by:  stanceiseverything.com, Sic Ryde * FONNIXX,  sicryde.com, fonnixx.com

*Contest is not open for sic ryde and affiliated members
**The prize will be available for pick up at the ‘Will Call’ booth at Importfest.


  1. sic ryde?

    sic ryde knows no barriers.
    sic ryde doesnt separate between origins, style, or culture.
    sic ryde doesnt do strictly JDM, or Euro, or Detroit

    sic ryde is the purest form of automotive art.
    Where an infusion of the best from all automotive worlds meet to create the ultimate driving machines.
    Where unique minds pool into unique rides.

    sic ryde – what separates the best from the rest.

  2. Sic Ryde? What is Sic Ryde?……… or should I say “Who” is Sic Ryde?

    Other then being the individual who helped me get though some business classes in College, he is the individual who dares to dream……. as he strives at making all reality. He doesn’t just think outside the box; he rips it up! Sic Ryde represents a culture… bringing all those who take pride in their rides…. to recognize them, and make sure they are recognized.

  3. Its not a car show
    Its not a car club
    Its SIC RYDE
    Pass it on,

    He is a guy trying to save the earth 1 day at a time

  4. Sic Ryde is a lifestyle, it’s a living. All the hard earned dollars, the long hours, the problems, the solutions. Anyone who is a true car enthusiast should know what i am talking about. It’s the feeling.

  5. Sic Ryde
    a continuously evolving timeless art of expressing emotion and passion through creativity and customization of every aspect and implementing it for the world to be seen as it drives by,
    Sic Ryde is the cultivation of Positive Energy
    SicRyde is Serotonin on wheels
    SicRyde is the fundamentals of individuality, for those who follow and have passion for any ride, its about making it yours, about standing out and making a statement, expressing yourself so well that you are remembered, its about being in the game and impressing those on the sidelines, symphony of sound from the engine, exhaust and intake, from a purr to a roar that wakes Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and the rest, paintjobs that inspire, turn and wake Picasso, van Gogh, Salvador Dali and the likes, 0-60 times that the gods double take and make the speed of light seem turtle like and innovative styling and engineering that makes Leonardo davinci, Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla and a few more wish they thought of that!
    Sic Ryde is a Sicth Sense
    Sic Ryde is the only Spiritual enlightenment derived from materialistic happiness
    there is no imitation of SicRyde there is no distinction
    What is Sic Ryde , Sic Ryde is never the same, Sic Ryde is the epitome of all above, Sic Ryde is as Sic Ryde Does.
    One day the whole world will be Sic Ryde’s and full of Sick Rides!
    Could you be Sic Ryde?
    Sic Ryde is as perceived
    Proof is only as believed to be given
    As God to Mankind
    SicRyde is to all Rides
    Could I be Sic Ryde?
    Sic Ryde changing the world one day at a time
    Sic Ryde, Pass it on .

  6. The question of who or what Sic Ryde is would be a combination of old skool thoughts with updated dreams. It years of dedication, blood, sweat, tears & heart that make up the name Sic Ryde. Its not a passing phase or a one-hit wonder, its a lifestyle like no other. Its an expression of a man who dares to be different, who dreams big & lives big, a man who doesn’t believe in the impossible or having boundries. He lives outside the box of normal reality which makes him unique just like his Rydes. Sic Ryde is an inspiration to car enthusiast both young and old. When you hear “Expect the Unexpected”, be prepared cause u never kno what will be coming next but you kno it will be spectacular.

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