Riding A Chevelle Back To The Basics

Kicking things back into gear here at Stances Is Everything with a beautiful Chevrolet Chevelle spotted at Oshawa's Autofest.


I’ve been thinking, on and off, over the last year or so what exactly to do with this website. As I’ve traversed the various levels of this automotive media game (and let’s face it life) the time I’ve been able to devote here has fluctuated.

The longer time passes, the more guilty I feel about the time that has passed since I’ve posted, and the cycle continues.

It’s a bit of a terrible cycle, but I think I’ve figured out a fix, and that is taking it back to the basics.

This site started with the idea of posting cool cars, so, at least for the near term I am going to focus on just doing that. As that starts to come naturally again I’m sure the rest will follow.

And if it doesn’t at least I’ve started posting again.

So, to that end the Chevelle wrapped around these words is just a cool car I saw at a show I cruised through with my son Ash. The entire event coverage never made it on the site, because of the cycle I described above.

I have literally 100s of photos like this, loosies we’ll call them, that deserve to see the light of day.

If you own this car hats of to you it’s beautiful.

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