Theme Tuesdays: The Dodge D50


Do you remember the Dodge D50? No? Well, honestly, I don’t really remember it either. Released in the height of the minitruckin’ era they are very similar in size and shape to the Mazda B2200 or Nissan hard body.

Being so similar to those imports, one would assume they have an equal following, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact I’d say they have little following at all (sorry D50 fans)

I’d never really thought about doing a Theme Tuesday dedicated to the D50 but that all changed when hot rod artist Chris Pisctielli sent me the truck below.

Wearing vintage Enkei wheels and classic 80s livery the truck is 100% period correct
It’s really shame this segment of truck no longer exists

This truck quickly sent me hunting for more like it and, unfortunately, they are not the easiest vehicle to find modified examples of.

Especially today after Photobucket nuked so many photos from aging forums.

This mid 90s style truck comes way of Cardomain, its been sold and is presumably no longer with us
This retro styled D50 was shot by Shaw McCann, looks like a rider owned truck too
Drag spec D50 via the surprisingly still up
OG minitruckin at its finest – Via:
This is actually a Plymouth Arrow, one of several different names this truck went under

This is probably one of the most famous D50s, it has a 4G63 under the hood, aka a first generation eagle Talon motor – Photo: Truck Trend
It was used for Drifting, but I don’t think it is around any longer –  Photo: Truck Trend

“Street Smart” is a fairly well-known D50, perhaps the only one featured in Truckin’

Enter the Mighty Max

When I uncovered that the D50 was actually a re-badged Mitsubishi the search for cooler examples became a bit easier.

This Mighty Max isn’t uncommon to see crusin’ around Ontario, it’s owned by Norther Showdown’s own Will Salazar
With phantom grills these trucks look really, really, similar to Mazda B2200s
Truck Trend has the feature on this beauty truck
And finally, perhaps the most famous D50 ever, the Six Shooter
If I remember correctly this truck is now in a museum


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