Stance Factory doin work


Mike and Jay at Stance Factory have been pretty busy the last month or so cranking out a wide assortment of Bavarian automobiles at different ride heights. If your from the GTA and drive a BMW these guys should be on your shortlists of shops to check out for maintenance and aftermarket needs.

They can help you pick out the right suspension, wheel, and tire setup necessary to get your stance exactly how you want it.

Here are three cars that recently spent some time in the Stance Factory shop and are now out cruising around the Toronto area.

Staggered Style 5s with spacers all around and 245/40 and 275/35 tires sitting low on BC coils
Love how the rear wheel/tire setup completely fills those fenders
This 330i sitting clean on BBS CH wheels
The height it's at is perfect for tearing up the forks of the credit...
Last but not least my personal favorite a 2002 on widened Porsche 356 steels
My question to you is do you prefer this car without caps?
or with?

Stance Factory should have some of their more aggressively setup cars at the first Stretch and Poke Meet May 29th, in the meantime if you want to see what they are up to check out or their facebook fan page.


  1. 2002 ofc is the best wheels with out caps but it would be epic with a set of gotti 075p’s im just sayin
    nice plate braket but whats with retaining the rear bumper?

  2. @Joe, I’m spraying them black this weekend! Adapters will stay unpainted or perhaps go a shade darker.

    Was actually thinking of swapping the rear bumper for an early-style chrome version but I’ll take it off and see how things look.

    Going way lower this year as well.

    Thanks for the positive vibes!

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