Mini Feature: Mike’s RWD WRX


Today’s mini feature is a Subaru which, like the last one featured here, is sure to push a few buttons among the more ‘purist’ minded automotive enthusiasts.

This car was brought to my attention by the owner/operator of, Graeme Harvey, Graeme and the crew over at We Love This (who are good friends with the boys at Union) are all about celebrating anything and everything dope; and today’s car just happens to fit the bill.

Mike treating his pride and joy to a coin wash

Mike Ross’s Bug Eye started out the same as every other Rally Blue rex: stock, and awd. While this starting point is enough for a lot of people Mike wouldn’t be happy until his car was transformed into something that couldn’t be picked up off the local car lot.

After a short stint as a daily driver, the car transitioned to a road course terror for a season, before going in a direction that is foreign to most Subaru’s, rear wheel drive.

Mikes WRX looking like a predator in the night

After removing his front drive axles and modifying his center differential Mike installed a set of Megan track coil-overs and a custom powder coated Cusco multi-link setup.

With his sights set on getting the most out of his new suspension Mike took his car to Scott at Can-align for proper corner balancing before installing his 17×10 +25 Miro STP1’s (with 225/45 Yokohama tires).

Functional stance here

Under the winning blue hood Mikes motor lives in partially shaved the engine bay and once the unnecessary bits where gone under the  hood the shaving  spread through the rest of the vehicle until a total 250lbs of excesses was removed from the cars over all weight.

When riding in Mikes car you would hardly notice where the weight was subtracted (hint: custom aluminum bumper beams) as save from the air conditioning, no real passenger comfort has been sacrificed.

The 10inch wide wheels really suit the factory wrx fenders

This car has come a long way since Mike got it but the end is no where near in sight, he and the Union Auto Club have a number of tricks left up their sleeves for this already great looking and performing car.

The parking garage will never cease to be an amazing spot for photos

Photo credit: JP Ellis

Big thanks to Graeme (tips and info) and JP Ellis (flicks) at for helping me out with this feature, and finally a big thanks to Mike for letting me feature his ride.

Expect a few more collaborations to come in the future!


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