Event Coverage: 2010 Gumball 3000 Toronto


I could have called this ‘Event Coverage: Rich People Envy‘ because after I left Yorkville, where the Gumball cars cruised to in Toronto, I was fairly jealous of what all of the Gumball participants get to do.

Driving from city to city in a ‘rally’ and stopping off at local tracks and party hot spots and having enough money have to care about things going wrong is every automotive enthusiasts dream.

Gumball is something that I will most likely never be able to participate in, but I was glad to be able to spectate a little bit of, even though Tony Hawk and Rooftop in the A Team van and the Hoff in KITT were no shows, oh and the Bugatti Veyron went straight to the Hyatt hotel.

Outside my work

Since this all went down walking distance from my work I just stayed downtown and went to the bar before hand (gf was DD) then we cruised over to Yorkville to see whats up.

Seeing the cars outside my work was pretty awesome because I could get some close shots.

This clean, local, ae86 wasn't in the Gumball but was rolling with them
The gumball medic, I found it hilarious he had to cover so much for people to not think it was a real ambulance
The only local Gumball entrant I saw, Zookie throwin up dueces
He's a Transformers fan!
Ferrari's on bloor, 3rd building back from the no u turn sign is my office

Roll in

We didn’t stay near the roll in too long just because it was really hard to get pictures with everyone leaning in so far to do the same

This is Gumball, livin it up
The story goes this guys original car broke down so he bought this Camaro to finish the rally
I've never seen so many Gallardos in my life
Drop top
Lots and lots of vinyl wraps
F430 rollin in

Stopped shots

Eventually we got sick of crappy drive in shots and decided to walk around so here are those pics organized by brand


The safest limo you will ever be in
This Skyline almost seemed mundane compared to all the exotics, almost
UK guys help me out what model Renault is this?
Immaculate 72 Dino, awesome.
Conquest Vehicles Knight XV 400 hp of get out of the way
This thing was massive
Maximillion Coopers Morgan Aero Max
With a cardboard window
This truck was crazy, so crazy people brought models for it...


Not in the gumball just a local York Villian
I heard a few people wondering why someone would take a wagon, they didn't notice it was an m5 I guess?


Mo Money!


Not sure the green works on this B machine but I could see it working on something else
This car had gatork skin all over it, it was actually kinda neat
They also had photos of the stops they had been on the car, again unique touch


I love Porsche bodylines
Mr X to the Z
Never saw the man himself


I loved LP670LV and it's roof rack, murdered out is dead you say? Nah.
More vinyl wrapping
Lambo rear windows are useless anyway


  1. Sweet pics, and some awesome car’s!

    Also, i think the Renault with vinyl wrap, is the new Megane Coupe convertable. Not 100% though.

  2. Got a chance to drive with several of the cars, including the Bugatti from Shannonville,

    Check out my YOUTUBE link from my site.

    SIC Pics and Coverage Dave!


  3. *sigh* I love how nobody questions the ridiculous luxo-“sport”-utes but an M5 wagon– possible the perfect car for a long distance blast– why would you bring a wagon?!

    I was a little let down on the whole, was hoping for a crazier scene and a few more interesting cars– it was kinda like walking through Yorkdale on a random weekend anyway, except with decals– but I was super stoked to see Jon Olsson’s Lambo in person. Didn’t check the roster before going, didn’t know he was in the rally, total pleasant surprise to see a favourite car I didn’t expect to see outside of youtube.


    And in case you haven’t heard of Jon Olsson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7ArzOpRuQo (just a random clip)

  4. the event was a lot better than i anticipated, but my favourite part was the crowds reaction when the yaris drove through, lol

  5. @Sic – nice videos man, crazy you got to drive with them

    @Rob – ya some people just don’t know whats going on. I’ve never walked through Yorkville on a normal weekend so if that’s what it is like a lot I should go haha. Jon Olsson’s Lambo was pretty damn sick I liked it.

    @kevin – I missed that! I only got the reaction when the Camaro drove through and tried to light a one tire fire

  6. That is my 86! I completely stumbled on this. What a coincidence. Here is another photo of it.

    The car gets tracked regularily through the summer. I have swapped in a blacktop 20V into it for more power. The rest is suspension tuning.

    I actually host track days at Mosport DDT. We have one coming up in a week on May 23rd. The other two are on July 18th and September 12th. Here is a link for more info.
    It is free to spectate so come on out and say hi. Ill take you for a ride in the car on the track.

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