A lot of e30


Got another quick message board find today, this shortened week combined with running around getting parts for my car means that a lot of the drafts I have written for such occasions are finally seeing the light of day.

I spotted this e30 awhile back and I am still not 100% sure how I feel about it. The black helps the ‘Testarossa’ sides for sure, and the wheels have gobs of dish, but the small brakes behind them kind of throw me for a loop. At any rate all of the work is well done and it’s nice and low.

Funny lookin lawnmower
I was never a fan of those tails, but the dish my god the dish
I seem to remember another car like this orange perhaps? Will have to check the old haunts

What do you think?


  1. I actually think it looks ALRIGHT, and I would give a ton a credit for originality and the body shop that did all the work!

    • @Arnold – That was not the one I was thinking of actually, the orange one I am thinking of is another show car, that one is sick though.
      @KSold – Ya the body shop killed it on this one
      @ollie p – 😛

  2. What is the body kit? I saw this car or one like it forsale but it was to much money. It is still forsale, it might be the same car. I can give the link if needed

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