There’s lots of talk about the demise of web forums, and though I am still a big fan of them for the information they provide and archive, I don’t find myself actively participating on nearly as many as I used to.

My daily routine used to involve a few in rotation, a couple of car and a couple BMX, and usually there was some cross over between the two as each hobby lends itself to the other.

Last night I decided to log in to Bikeguide and click around, as BG used to be a pretty good source of content in the “Automotive Hotness” threads. Those threads seem to have ceased to exist but in their place is a Post Your Own Car thread which is where the Skyline and Silvia below were found.

Rear wheel drive Nissans seem pretty popular among the BMX crowd with a number of riders both pro and otherwise using them to compete in events (again both pro and otherwise).

I don’t think Chubbs slides Silvia his around but Tcbmx. certainly does.

No real specs on either because that’s not really what the thread is about, but, both worth a share don’t you think?

Photo Credit: Bobby G Media, Dream Speed Garage

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