Theme Tuesdays: Honda Accords – III


The past month or so Rukus Motorsports has been running a Facebook advertising campaign that has thrust their rear wheel drive, drag prepped, seventh generation Accord into my timeline roughly eight hundred and twelve times  week.

I’ve finally caved and decided to post that car here along with a whole pile of other awesome Honda Accords from previous event coverage and the internet.

It’s been a few years since the last Accord Theme Tuesday so things were overdue anyway.

I really, really wish I took more photos of this car when i saw it in 2012, I don’t believe I have seen it since
Same generation done a completely different style, from the first Northern Showdown
I am pretty sure, but not positive, that this Accord has gone to the scrap yard in the sky, you never know with KJohn though
So rare to see these in Canada with rear quarters still hanging in there
Tidy looking sixth gene shot by MB Fotografi at Canibeat’s first class fitment
Honda guys will geek over this CD6 SIR
I do believe this is the only one of its kind (RHD authentic SIR) in Canada

Personally I prefer these wheels to the ones above
Love this, simple and tastefull
An Accord trying to blend in at Liberty VIP’s Black 3
Gran Tourismo comes to Importfest every year with some of the more extreme cars of the show
This Accord was, to their standards, fairly tame
I just now noticed this car is on a ramp in the rear, weird
There is indeed an Accord in this picture from the pop up Vossen meet in Toronto in 2015
Eighth generation tucking a ton of wheel in the questionable Cayuga parking lot
Chopshop is working on the owner of this car’s new car which isn’t an accord but should be in a similar vein to this
Importfest built this car for the 2016 Canadian International Autoshow, wonder what they will be bringing out at this years show
Pasmag ML24, and 20HZ Audio put this car together for the 2016 Canadian International Autoshow as well
Mobbin hard on VS-XXs
Sweet wagon from a Super Street feature, absolutely love the color choice
Had to post at least one car from Japan, but it didn’t have to be typical 🙂
Nice looking car from a fairly old Stance Works feature
And to close things out the aforementioned, big turbo, b series, rear wheel drive Accord built by Rukus Motorsports
Hopefully see this car at Motorama in a few months

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