Theme Tuesdays: IS300/Altezzas Part II


The last time I did an IS300 Theme Tuesday was in 2010 so a follow up has been more than overdue.

Thinking that these came out originally in 2000 and are now 12 years old makes me feel as though I missed 5 years of my life somehow.

Posted in part one but this has long been one of my favourite IS300s
Perfect execution of a unique idea
Some of the straightest I’ve seen on any car, not a bad thing just an observation
Same car from the side
More Equips
Complete flip from the car above, less kit more low
I have yet to see a car that makes Eurolines look small
IS300 wagon (Sportcross) on RPF1s? Love.
17×10 all around
Good looking car from Royal Origin
Good look
Love the gold accents on those Works
This car is absurdly low for static
From what I understand the front of these cars are limited by the subframe and a wiring harness so interested in what he did to get that low
Going to end this with some local cars, first Matt’s rolling impossibly low to or from a CSCS event
Aidan recently snatched up a daily and I know he isn’t selling this car so lord knows what else is up his sleeves
Wayne’s IS that he slides around
Chris’ car is currently under the knife for boost
Carson’s is300 that is apparently just a temporary car


  1. bmw wheels is sick and i love the wagons i saw a sedan today that was on 350z nismo wheels it looked baller status

  2. Love these cars, had one myself…well, an is200, but it had an engine swap so its all good.

    Miss mine to be fair, I loved the interior

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