Theme Tuesdays: First gen IS300/Altezzas


For this week’s Theme Tuesday I decided to go with a vehicle I have yet to dedicate a day to instead of doing another series theme. While I’ve posted, and featured, IS300’s before I’ve been slacking at posting up a real solid collection of them, until now.

There isn’t really much to hate with the IS300, It’s a versatile rear wheel drive platform built on Toyota/Lexus’s past successes. After a day or so of searching here is the tip of the IS300 iceberg.

Expect this to be a one of many IS300 Theme Tuesday.

I'll warn you now this car will appear more than once
Water based dori
From what I read this picture is a few years old but regardless this car still looks great
This one is a little different, but still pretty clean
Nice and straight forward
God damn!
Downright beautiful bay. If anyone has a build of this let me know
Told you that this car would appear again
Somehow this yellow paint almost hides those flares
These cars have really great looking front ends...
Can't forget Mr. VIP
Not much needs to be said here
Perhaps one of the sharpest rolling shots I have ever seen.
One of these things is not like the other...but still rad
This car proves that you can be creative and still clean
Props to the owner for being original
I think I'm going to end this part of IS300 Theme Tuesdays here

Now I’ve got to run and catch my flight, my next post will be from Vegas for SEMA 2010!


  1. Hey Dave,

    If I knew you were running an IS300/Altezza Theme Tuesday, I could have sent you a tone of pics on my comp…lol…I have tons, and people in the states are going crazier now with their stance on our cars. When you get back from Vegas, I will send em over 😉

    P.S. Thanks for posting mine…hehe…glad you didnt forget (definately pushing it more next season 😉 )

  2. you forgot THE STIG evans british drift champs car tiz sick lol id love to see a smooth bonerville hot rod escape style bonnet bulge on one of these i dont know why more people havent thought about these would look sick on a 350z’s too 😉

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