A Vegas Vacation


Yesterday was a long day, we woke up at about 5am Toronto time to hop on a plane to Denver, stop over for about an hour and then go to Vegas. I can’t really remember what time we touched down Nevada time but I do recall being tired and hungry.

While we could have just rushed and went to SEMA in our current state, this is also our first time in Vegas, so we decided to do some Vegas sight seeing instead and head to SEMA fresh today.

This is probably the least car dedicated post to ever appear on Stance Is Everything but don’t worry the next few days will probably have some of the best content to appear on this site so it evens out.

The sights

As much as people say it over and over Vegas really is one of those places you have to visit. I’m not much of a gambler but I enjoy having a beer on the sidewalk and watching people piss their life savings away.

Oh and women if you like women come to Vegas.

This is the view from the tower on our hotel, The Stratosphere
Vegas is seemingly all about the skin trade
We didn't stay at Circus Circus but we checked it out
Inside Circus Circus was Zoltar, these things are creepy and funny
You could also win these funny Rasta Bananas, odd
Let your imaginations run wild guys...
The Wynn apparently has a great buffet, can't wait to try it
Mandatory Bellagio fountain shot

Cars and Vehicles

Here are some of the cars and vehicles I saw just out and about on the streets of Vegas and in the Casinos. Nothing compared to what I will see today of course.

I can't recall the last time I saw a Fiero not masquerading as something else
There are a lot of lifted trucks in Vegas
Nice rod cruising the strip, note the truck in the background also
Just barley caught this one
Probably one of the better looking newer Lincolns I have seen in awhile
Saw this Vette chillin
Then later out on the strip
If there was an actual decent chance I could win this in Penny slots then maybe I would gamble
The Siren of Treasure Island bike was insane
It's all hand formed scrap Metal, nuts
Right down to the boots

Alright thanks for sticking with me while I played tourist. Now it’s into the shower then off to SEMA!


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