Theme Tuesdays: BBS LM Appreciation Part 2


BBS LM’s are an amazing looking wheel with a design that never goes out of style. Some might say the LM is played out but I would rather go with timeless, BBS is one of the few wheel manufacturers with a near flawless record of putting out designs that are versatile, unique, sought after, and often imitated but never duplicated.

I did a BBS LM appreciation post last year and the time as home for me to do it once again, hope you don’t mind.

This GTI is clean as a whistle
Another GTI down in the weeds
*does not make Matrix joke*
LMs and white paint are a great match
Fantastic looking e46 m3
Party Wagon
The car in the front is sick, but check the Rover in the back as well
It's amazing how gracefully both the NSX and LM designs have aged
Another beauty NSX
Detail shot of todays focal point
I normally don't like chrome mirror caps but they work well here
Rear fitment is on fire
Another Audi with bomb fitment
Down right sexy
A little newer and darker than the one above
annnnnd I'm spent


  1. awsome cars there a tru classic wheel thay sit atop mount alimpus alongside mini lights ,futches,torque thrusts to name a fue .a wheel company that never get’s enough love for for me is gotti spesificly 075p’s my fave reto rims

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