Keith’s the man


My friend Keith has been working on his Model T coupe for the past four or so years and last Friday the angry bastard fired up and screamed at the world.

To say that the Olds 303 in this car sounds mean as hell would be an understatement, and I can’t wait until this thing is road worth because I know how hard he has worked on it. Once it’s on the road I plan to pay him a visit and get some more pictures, info, and a ride!

Here’s a pic from when he had it trailer-ed to a local show last year:

I want one.


  1. i love rods and t’s with out over chopped roofige and ITS RED!!!!!!!!! CRACKING ROD WELL DONE im not actualy a fan of the wheels tho sorry

  2. im not being an ass rods are toatly personal so my taste dosent mean a thing eny one who spends for years on a project is super hard core and diserves his props well done

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