Theme Tuesdays: Ford Taurus


I’m going to be completely honest, I never thought I’d sit down and put together a Ford Taurus Theme Tuesday. Outside of SHO models the Taurus is a car that’s seldom discussed, and these days seldom seen, even as commuter vehicles.

However the photo below immediately sent me down a bull infested rabbit hole.

The scanned photo, that appears to be of Japanese origin raises so many questions. The most obvious being why, off all the possible vehicles to import, did this owner choose a Taurus wagon?

Regardless of answers I’ll never know I was curious to know what other Taurus examples I could find.

Initially my search for fittingly modified Tauruses (Taurusii?) lead me right back to a 2013 ‘Uncommon Stance – 2’ Theme Tuesday. I’m pretty sure neither of these two cars above are around today.

(Yes i know the red one is a Contour, but for the sake of this post it is close enough.)

Corvette saw blades were the go to ‘cheap’ low offset wide wheel for a hot minute. I imagine one makes very few friends with Chevrolet wheels on a special edition Ford.

A bit of digging revealed that Mobsteel actually built a bagged 400hp Taurus back in 2009. There’s next to nothing available on the car that’s current that makes me wonder if perhaps it went back to Ford after it was complete and shown at SEMA.

Photo: Nascarman
Photo: Nascarman

Apparently in the early 90s there was a team of four Fords that raced in TMNT livery. As a 90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle obsessed child it seems a bit odd I only found out about these cars today.


With racing livery more popular than ever on street cars, might I suggest someone flip this one next?

Blew the dust of quite an old Stance Works build thread to find this car.

 Sadly the thread was last updated in 2015. So where the car is today is anyone’s best guess.

For the quarter-mile fans, here’s a Taurus pushing 21 ponds of boost with a stock connecting rods, stock heads, stock crank, event stock head gaskets. Who knew these motors were so strong?

Of course, the end to this admittedly quite off kilter Theme Tuesday is a 1-JZ powered Taurus:

I highly recommend checking the owner’s Instagram @porschetech101 for more on this build. It’s a kit-bashed model car come true and quite frankly it’s exceptional.



  1. In one of my automotive daydreams, I considered a late 90’s/early 00’s Taurus in NASCAR livery would make a pretty cool daily driver. Throw on some black Daytona steelies with high % tires and replace the bench with a couple of racing buckets to finish it off. Alas, like so many of my daydreams, I have way more idea than time and money to pull it off… probably a good thing. But then again, as the Taurus has coils over struts on each corner, it would be pretty easy to pull off a shade-tree slam job.

  2. Had a white 1990 SHO , Quaff differential, perf. chip ( from Louisianna) under drive pulleys, intake butterflies honed out , true dual exst, koni shocks, perf coil springs, lowered 1.5 ” ,16″ x 8″ mags, custom rear fully adjustable suspension.
    Put 200,000 km on these as a daily driver for my business sales calls.
    Car was real fast, a blast to drive, never got beat on the road for handling and speed. Would rev 7,500 rpm any time and often. But it was still a front wheel drive Ford, drive train was reliable but not the rest of the car.

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