Event Coverage: Roadmates Corn Roast 2012


My friend Keith gave me the heads up on the Roadmates Corn Roast a few Saturdays back so I swung by in the loaner FR-S for about an hour on my way down town with the misses.

Similar turnout and atmosphere to last year, less about the cars and more about hanging out amongst cool cars.

The coverage is a little on the light side only because I had some issues working with the combination of bright sun and harsh shadows the trees provided, that and I spent more time shooting that shit than taking photos.

This Maverick was a trip, the roof chop really threw me off what it was
Panel truck for sale… lots of potential here
The owner of this truck announced his presence by bouncing the frame of the ground
It’s static and judging by the plate and the owners poker face when it hit the ground he is proud of that fact
Billy Goat
Boulevard cruiser
Awesome interior, vice grips and all
Loved this Bel Air
The fairly subtle use of two tones on this build is perfect
Lowboy vs High Two Highboys
Performance Improvements car with it’s always somehow spotless white frame
Enjoyed this build
If it were my own I might move the lights out a bit… not sure though
Keith and his Friend Chris keepin’ it real
I don’t think I’ve seen Chris’s car before…
…so I took a bunch of pictures of it
Proper traditional build all round
Keith’s car ain’t bad either
End with a shot of this gasser that gets  sent down the strip at vintage drags

Hopefully I can get a chance to check out a few more classic/hot rod events before the season goes right down the drain.


  1. Nice. The Maverick is at a lot of shows in the Ottawa area too. I couldn’t figure out what it was without reading the registration form.

    They’re both highboys, but one has fenders. The white one is a lowboy. A lowboy is when the body is channeled over the framerails.

    • I actually didn’t notice that one wasn’t channelled lol, so used to just figuring it’s been done when the fenders are off.

      The Maverick confused me I thought maybe Javelin at first I had to look inside and scratch my head.

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