Theme Tuesdays: Lettin’ The Sparks Fly: Part 2


Lately a number of people have been subtly (and not so subtly) suggesting that I should make the switch to air.

While I have yet to make up my mind one way or the other I will say that the idea of having the ability to lay sparks down whenever I feel like is pretty damn appealing.

Here’s another collection of people putting air ride (and other ground scraping measures) to good use use.

Nothing like a good road trip
VW owners ain’t scared
I think there are one or two around here that do this sans air
Karmann Ghia making the bottom look similar to the top
This looks really similar to one that was around here for awhile, think it got sold though
Prancing Moose
Posted this one awhile back on the fan page
I truly wonder if we will ever see this car again
Drifters getting on on sparking fun
From my week of wheel stander obsession…
The fact this is in a shop is awesome
Truck looks a bit different now but this pic is awesome all the same
Beauty of a shot
Most minitruckers are not afraid to let it spark
Almost looks like the truck in front of the shot above, it’s not, but almost
Love to see the whole frame of a truck dragging
Great pic, wish I could have found higher res
Via Surface DVD, which I’m glad to have as part of my collection

Part one is here if you missed it.


  1. Bag it!

    I’ve pondered getting those pads they sell that are made for dragging… they’re not at the top of my list of priorities though.

    • Phil you can use hitchballs but not sure where you would mount them on the stang.

      I don’t have the space for what I assume a hydraulic setup would occupy. I would ideally put the entire air setup in the spare tire well so I can still toss my bike in and out care free.

  2. hitchballs are super dangerous!!( they snap off) , and hydros can fit just the same , in the spare tire wheel , but either way at least you’re actually thinking about adjustable suspension :), cant go wrong !!

  3. a hydra gas (hydrolic) setup would be cool because nothing rides smoother but id only doit if your sure your gona have the 3 for a long time to come

  4. Chris how often do they snap off? I guess that would be a weeee bit of a hazard. Batteries and all could fit in the spare well?

    Ollie that’s the thing, not sure how long I will have the 3 but having a vehicle with no payments isn’t so bad. I mean I could see myself rolling around in it bagged for years if the damn thing didn’t rust!!

  5. well ok not the batteries , but check out the single pump set ups here , , lots of info and builds on street source ,if you did a single pump 2 battery(24volt)set up youd be pleased,
    as for the hitch balls , once they get heated from dragging the become projectiles , not good, theyre all but banned in the minitruck scene , you are seriously frowned upon lol but i must say they do spark nicely while “in use”.

  6. Trailer balls are fine is secured properly. But even better is to just weld steel plates to the frame and replace when required.

    That rusty BMW (which I loved) is alove again, I recently saw a teaser video on Vimeo which looks like its being reserected.

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