Event Coverage: Option JDM 2012


This years Option JDM BBQ took place the same day as Berlin Klassik which put me in the tough position of having to choose between two events that I’ve never attended before.

Like most of life’s tough decsions I made this one with my gut and opted to head out to the one with free food which was Option’s shindig in Markham.

My stomach didn’t lead me astray as I wasn’t let down by the cars that arrived and the weather held out throughout the entire event which was also a definite plus.

Focal Point Concepts, I think I missed the vinyl switch on the Bug Eye, prefer the new hood over the previous one
RestyleIt looks to have made a killing this year
I think if I ever bought a wheel brand new it would be something from Enkei, good designs are reasonable prices, always liked this particular model
Oddly enough my first lowboard sighting..
Throwback with the wheels on this car
Fairly clean Honda but what really caught my eye…
…was the chain steering wheel, can’t recall the last Civic I saw with one of those
Riding buddy of mine passed through so I could take a look at his new setup
Clean, simple, and classy
Nextmod’s Cyberevo from Importfest
One of the better looking TL’s in the city
When I saw this car at  Squeaky Clean I didn’t know the bay matched the wheels
Nice CB Accord
This car used to have a Tiffany color scheme, then there was a message board fiasco, and now the wheels are painted
It was weird to see a car as built as this with an unfinished bmx on the roof…
Gill and Matt
SK sizing up a speed bump that I got caught up on pretty good
Clean RSX I could only catch in motion
Last saw this car at the KJohn event, I like this combination and I don’t see many of this gen ‘lude anymore
Civic on Keskins
Tidy looking NB Miata
Lukasz’ picked up a new luggage rack for his previously featured Beetle
It’s fitting
Level One out of course
This car has been getting a lot of love online latley
I think a video of James s2000 and Dan’s is supposed to come out soon?
This car was almost completely changed to this later this same day
Function focused builds
People talk down about Sportmaxx/XXR all the time but I see them on a lot of track builds…
Bay of the Teg
Both of these cars were loud as hell
While we’re looking at  engine bays…
Matt parked with the Elevated crew
This car showed up on CCWs then switched over to 24k Gold plated beebs, balling to say the least
Tight fit…
One last shot for the camber fans

Next year I’ll head out to Berlin…



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