Event Coverage CSCS Finale – Part 3


Even though this show was just last weekend with the way the weather has changed (and the amount of time it’s taken me to post all of the parts) it seems like it was longer than that.

Most of the cars in today’s coverage are probably stored away by now or will soon be in winter mode so here is a look at one of the last show and shines of the season.

This CSCS had quite a few cars that I had yet to see at a CSCS event which helped add some variety mixed in with the show regulars.

Random Stuff

While I agree with that sticker I worry about putting it on my car and attracting thieves
The ultimate tail gate setup?
I need some of these dudes for my desk at work...
Big rims, drum brakes. Stopping distance? To infinity and beyond!

Domestics and Lowriders

I am jealous if this guys license plate...
Livin' the Low Life.
I was very surprised to find this bagged instead of juiced


Very clean FD
Mark's 2 RXs
Under hood shot of his FD
Clean Civic that caught my eye just for being so clean
The Nextmod crew
My friend Mike has been looking for a Subaru STI lately so these are for him
Just looking at that exhaust I can hear the boxer burble


Oddly enough last time I saw this e36 was at Honda Tech
Been awhile since I have seen this e36 as well
This e46 was down right sinister looking
Murdered out looking for blood
Fasial brought out his MKIII on Audi TTs
Wonder if he still gets too low tickets?
This Golf has had a wheel swap since I last saw it
Division R gets the Cal Ripken award for shows this year, at least one of them at everyone
Bet this bangs, who needs passengers
This trunk setup was different, I like that.
Another VW from Modified Society
With a healthy amount of Stretch and Poke
Cars like this make me want to black out my roof
With an extensive ICE setup done by Selective Sounds here in Mississauga
This GT2 was bright as hell
But it had enough black in it to even things out nicely.
Someone brought out their Audi R8
Which had a crowd around it essentially all day

And with that is the end of the 2010 CSCS coverage and the CSCS season. Big thanks to Chris for the hospitality at each event and the shout outs on the mic.

This event should continue to get better and better as the years go by.


  1. whats with that pick up leave your living room at home dude love for the fd,r33,and the red scooby ,e46 guy get a hard top

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