Event Coverage: 2013 CSCS Round 4


Vagkraft and round four of the Canadain Sport Compact Series unfortunately always seem to fall on the same day which means I have to make the difficult choice between to great events.

As I’m sure you already know for 2013 my choice was Vagkraft however I like to run coverage from all the CSCS events so I asked around to see who would be making the voyage to Cayuga.

After a couple dead ends a riding friend of mine offered up his photos and looking through Kenny’s pictures round four looks to be continuing the 2013 CSCS trend of improving event, after event, based on participant and competitor input.

This round featured the début of the new drift layout which is means that everyone now runs the same direction instead of the drifters running in reverse.

The new direction means the last corner is into the wall
Some people like Marin appear to have had no issues with adapting
Others however realized just how immovable that wall actually is
Anthony looks to have had things pretty sorted out
Looking off into the background of this photo it looks liek Jon Fiddy may have returned?
Brad Pauuw too home the podium spot this round
Brad Pauuw took home the podium spot this round…
…which puts him on top of the podium going into the last round

Moving on from the track action it looks like the show and pits had a number of interesting cars out for round 4. Some cars which I’ve not seen a whole lot of this year and a few that I have never seen before.

Liam’s Cefiro is back out on the road after a few changes from last season
I'm hoping to see Dylan's car up and running at 100% for the last round
I’m hoping to see Dylan’s car up and running at 100% for the last round
Great turnout in the show and shine area
The engine bay treatment on this Acura reminds me of one of those optical illusion books in the late 90s…
Someone from Chicago came through with their BMX…
Nicely done Accord coupe, nothing over the top
Lovely s2000 that I don’t think I have ever seen before…
One of the more unique colours I’ve seen on an s2000
Mr. Cleeen brought out his G35
Not sure I’ve ever taken a good shot of the bay so Kenny came through with the goods
Chris’ Is300 looking stunning as ever
OEM+ styling looks great on this Avant
Nice to see a lowrider make it out to CSCS….
…some variety is always appreciated
Someone with fairly deep pockets showed up…
I would absolutely love to see this out on the track.

See you at the finale round September 22nd where things are sure to get pretty exciting as people look to set new records before the season ends and drifters fight for $1000 put up by the great folks at Dead Machine!

Photo Credit: Kenny Barnes


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