Event Coverage: S&P 3 – Sayonara Summer


On Sunday October 3rd in odd, but appropriate, weather the GTA car community said Sayonara to Summer with an event put on by the good people at Stretch and Poke.

When I showed up (late) some of cars had come and gone but from the coverage I have seen on the Scraped Crusaders and courtesy of Gawa on JDMR the event was a great success.

That’s not to say that the turnout was bad when I arrived the smaller group actually made it a little easier for all of us to get together and talk about cars, the weather, and the scene.


The import turn out was large as usual

Spacers would help this car immensely.
Gilbert runs the Scraped Crusaders if you couldn't tell
K Saun's Teg
Dig the hood, different
Look another Pulsar
Creative sticker bomb and nice wheels
I saw this car for sale on kijiji the other day for 9 grand
Alex brought out his black SC
and added a Stretch and Poke to the collection
A couple Is300s
The worked 905 cover Civic passed through
I heard this was a girls car?
More of the super flush Silvia
Repping for the Fatlace fam
Note the people checking the fitment out rear
Mr Ing's Lexus is for sale...
Sounds beastly straight piped
The Lexus crew
Keeping things classy
VIP guys do it big
GTA VIP heavy hitter
Dave putting in film time
Stanley's Evo... the only Ontario plated one I have seen
Dave's 8th Gen
Dave is the one behind the whole day
Mike's G35, probably the last time it will be seen all year
He has a few changes in mind for next year but I won't spoil it here


Mike and Jay from Stancefactory rolled out to the meet and anyone who was at H20i might remember these guys for drifting (and getting caught doing so) on the strip.

If you need your BMW down and out visit these guys
Mike's car on his new wheels which really make the car
The wheels from Jay's m3 have made their way onto his M Roadster


From what I hear there were a lot of VWs and Audis at the meet all day in addition to the BMW and Benz crowd.

The 190 I spotted in the field at CSCS
This clean e30 sedan makes me miss mine...
Bagged z4 on Schmidts
Simple, but nicely done, Golf
These wheels were brighter in person
Another clean VW
Like the cleaned up hatch
Couple dubbers
Boosted Jetta
This Audi is stupid fresh
First time I have seen this Golf in it's new skin
Now that the car is a new color I wonder if the wheels are going to change too
Group shot
This car caught my eye as soon as I rolled up, kudos to the owner well done
Porsche calipers

And now… we wait for the snow to fall, thanks to Dave for putting on the event and Mike (Properspecs), Gilbert (.Scraped Crusaders.), Aidian (Mr Vip), Ing and everyone else for the good times and sh!t talk. 😛


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