Theme Tuesdays: Four rings spell dope


I like Audi’s, maybe not as much as this guy, but I do like them. In the right hands they can be impressive track cars and equally impressive daily drivers, and show machines.

I don’t know how likely it is I will ever own one but it’s guaranteed I won’t stop posting them.

Here are some of my recent favorites.

Apparently this General has around 700hp
This one remind anyone else of an e30 m3?
Quattro doin it on the track
I love these shots hopefully I can catch one myself one day
AWD burnouts are pretty impressive
This is a local ride, he had another Audi before this just as sick
A little polish never hurt anyone
Murdered out with just a little bit of detail on the bolts and caps
Another murdered out audi
Satin green, I
Satin black I have seen before
So sick the guy with the beard did a double take
I am a big fan of this photo in general, it just helps that the car is nice as well
Again another great set of photos for a fantastic car
No surprise Mike Gilbert was behind these
Brightest wheels I have ever seen on an Audi
The Europrojektz Audi test fitting a set of Rotiform wheels
Shaved smooth, would hate to tap this bumper on anything
Dumped and shaved
This Audis got the perfect touch of class


  1. “Brightest wheels I have ever seen on an Audi”

    I was about to challange that comment till i read the last part “on an Audi”

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