Theme Tuesdays: H20 International favorites


I’ve been told several times that H20i is an event I need to attend at least once. This year Mike and Jay from Stance Factory offered me a spot where they were staying for weekend and had it not been for some good friends of mine getting married I would have been there enjoying the festivities.

However friends/family > cars so like Wekfest and Waterfest I’ve pulled together some photos that stood out to me in the hour or so I spent last night looking through coverage on various forums.

Finding the photos was fairly easy… keeping this post from being 50+ pictures long was not.

Crossfire wheels look way better on this Golf than the Crossfire

Above photo by extrem344

One of several pics of Gill's car I've found
A+ fitment on this TT
This Subaru has also got a couple photos of it floating around online
More Ontario love

Above photos by: Eric-M

One sinster looking Subaru

Above photo by: Munchy

If I am not mistaken this Forrester recently had a few online features
Audi on Gottis
Steven's SRE30
Badass looking beast of a Cressida

Above photos via The Scraped Crusaders

Another local car out in Ocean City with exceptional fitment

Above photo by: Steve Nguyen

BBS RCs *correction RSIIs fit this golf perfect
Fantastic color combo and execution
Plate sums everything up nicely
Had to choose this one because it is so unique

Above photos by: Tyler Anastaisi

Reminds me of Hershey chocolate

Above photos by: agentmaddock

Once again wondering why I sold my e3o...

Above photo by:nemo1ner

Proof that not every e30 needs late bumpers

Above photo by: SlavaVW

I was watching the original GI-JOE while pulling this list together might be why I chose this

Above photos by:mortician

Burroughs does it again

Above photo by: Eurotune18t

Hopefully I can make it out next year…

Photographers if I credited wrong just holler.


  1. DUDE gottis in canada sickness i didnt know you could get them over there
    p.s g.i joe roools

  2. Wicked. Dave, you’ve found more pics of the wagon? Can you send links?

    FYI. lost a centrecap on the drive back (waffle and all) then JUST curbed the fuck out of the front right. And car is overheating. FML

    • Gill I will try and remember all the threads I saw more photos and post up links on your FB.

      When I had my RM’s I lost a cap and all one time too. I was pissed cause they are not cheap. Sucks about the curbage 🙁

  3. Modded foresters are so sick. And I have seen mike burroughs e9 in person…. it is absolutely breathtaking. Like a piece of rolling art.

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