Theme Tuesdays: Waterfest 17 favorites


Waterfest was this weekend if you didn’t now (I am sure most of you did) and while I have delusions of grandeur that one day I will have budget (and time) to travel to more events across the border it has yet to happen.

So like I did for Wekfest 2011 I decided to live vicariously through other photographers and post my personal favorites of the photos I have seen so far from Waterfest 17.

Things started off a little slow for this one only because I thought there would be more high quality photos up as of last night.

I guess people are still recovering from their respective heat strokes.

I've posted about this car a couple times here, it's dope
Perhaps one of my new favorite Mk2 Golfs, love how it's tucking up front
Normally I'm more of a single round found but damn if this doesn't look good

Above photos taken by: O’Neil Castro

Another angle just because

Above photo taken by: Drugged Polak

So dialed

Above photo taken by: Zachary Stodart

Te37s on a Audi, everything turned out better than expected actually

Above photo taken by: MrMook

This is just too clean
This car reminds me of Jujhar’s Golf but with different paint and less poke, fitments dialed
Another car that's just clean as hell... and Ontario based

Above photos taken by: iFxMike

Nice bike and nice car

Above photo taken by: Edvis

Was this pic taken because of the car or...
In a word? Epic
This car drives all over the place!
Quite like that sticker placement, adds a bit of contrast in a unique way
Hmm, maybe the most appealing of these I have seen yet

Above pics taken by: mattdoscher

Reppin' for local shop Chop Shop
Liberty VIP rolled through
Another shot of Paige and her beach display, a lot of people took photos of this
The car took that won limbo contest at Eurokracy
My friend sold one of these and picked up a Jetta, Keven I think he made a mistake...

Above photos taken by: Lukkon

If you want to check out more photos from Waterfest 2011 visit the dedicated forum over on VW Vortex most of these photos were found there in addition to this thread on stanceworks .

Also found this video below on the Sic Ryde Facebook page between creating this draft and publishing it.

*Photographers if I mixed up any picture credits feel free to drop me a line.
*Those with extra money feel free to share some so I can attend next year


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