Event Coverage: S&P – United We Stance


Summer sure flew by pretty damn fast, the first Stretch and Poke meet of the year doesn’t even seem like it was all that long ago and now the last one for this season has come and gone.

Though I was only at this season-ender event briefly I was there long enough to see that the community is appreciative of all of Dave (and the Stretch & Poke team)’s efforts and showed that by the great turn out.

It was also great to see a few cars out that I had never seen before, something not typical of a meet held later in the year. Must have had something to do with the awesome weather.

I pretty much ran through this event so sorry if I missed your ride, come out to the Nextmod BBQ this weekend and  I’ll do my best to correct that 😛

The Fiat

Weird, didn’t I start yesterday off the exact same way?

I think this one is Abarth 695, perhaps a 695 ss either way it sounded pretty damn nice and was incredibly well kept. People should bring unique rides like this to meets more often helps keep things interesting.

I would take this over the new 500 any day
That wiper piece is cool as hell
brb gone too Google Fiats

Ford Flex

It’s pretty cool that perhaps the only non shop or celebrity owned bag over coil Ford Flex is from right here in Toronto. The owner has a lot of plans for the car and now that I am used to the camber out back being on a truck I can see the potential in it.

With Brett helping him this project should turn out pretty straight.

The trucks only been on air a couple weeks so don't worry it will get lower
A look at the air management


Couple dubs rolling with the Scraped Crusaders
Quick wheel swap for a familiar super low Golf
But it looks as though he may be switching again
This car ping ponged between BGP and DVP just like me... just a few minutes after
White on white looks dope on this MK4, also a fan of the boser hood
Straight G
This e30 looks nearly identical to one a Trevor at tdott.me used to drive
Parked beside the above e30 was this e36 which I think is from Modified Society


Never seen this particular Supra before
Remember when people put Supra tails on everything? Thank god that is over
My friend Stephan recently picked up a new set of wheels made a big difference
Gillberts got some changes coming to his ride I can't wait to see
I recognize this car from the Stretch and Poke Forums
This car is certainly pushing on e famous status
GTR on TESL's looks amazing
This Skyline on SSR Mesh (?) is equally appealing, also both shirts in the background are rad
I can hardly keep up with Carson's foot wear changes, thes AME's look great
Nice IS250 on TES
Aidan out of course
Two of the dopest Infinitis in the GTA
Nice looking Accord
I dig the wheels but I am a little impartial obviously
I think I posted a rear three quarter of this car yesterday
Dan prior to winning best stance at Battleground
Ants eye view of Dan's ground clearance... or lack there of
Importfest 370 which you can see in Montreal Oct 1
I don't see any reason why people will not take to these like the 350z

Still a few more events to round out the season yet…


  1. You will have to catch me next year .. i don’t support the sale of replica’s so i will not be the the BBQ ..

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