WTF Friday: They came turbo!?


I’ll admit that even though I spent a lot of my early years as a car enthusiast staring at Countach posters on my wall, pushing Countach die casts around my house, and playing with the Tyco Cliffhangers Countach slot car set I knew surprisingly little about them technically growing up.

The look combined with the name Lamborghini was enough to make me a life long fan.

While I learned more about them as I aged until recently I had no idea that the Lamborghini factory may have considered production turbo versions. In defense of myself (and others of my generation who might not have known) reportedly only two were ever built by Lamborghini, the prototype which was misplaced/crashed/or otherwise and this one that hangs out in Switzerland with women who wear shiny clothes.

This beast is equipped with the 5.2L V12 and two Garret T5s which combined put down 550 to 750hp and sixty miles per hour comes (and goes) in a scant 3.7 seconds while this car pulls up to 333km/h.

One can only hope an epic race insued
Not only is this car beautiful on the outside
The engine bay is equally a work of art (unless you have to fix something)
So rad
I wish there was a sound clip with this photo
Ronals never looked so great

God damn. If this isn’t straight from the factory it sure as hell should have been.

Spotted on Suck Squeeze Bang Blow .

Site Updates

I Manged to do quite a bit this week, a feature, event coverage, a give away, and put in the order for the new T shirts. The second round of shirts will be teal on charcoal and have a few slight differences from the introductory ones.  Sizing will be Gildan S – XXL and I should have them by next Friday.

Sunday I will be at the Nextmod Annual BBQ come out if you like cars and free food.

Flashback Friday

If you encouragement other than food take a look at part one and part two of last years coverage.

It's always packed so make sure to pass through


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