Featured Ride: Randy’s Prelude


Remember your high school car?

I am sure you do because for many of us this wasn’t just our first car it was our key to independence and no matter how hard we try it’s impossible to ever re create that connection again.

While for some reason or another many of us have parted with our high school cars Randy is one of few who was able to hold onto their high school car long enough to turn it into something more than just an alternative to taking the bus.

Randy’s striking Prelude was recently posted in the Prelude Theme Tuesday and while you wouldn’t be able to tell now this car came from incredibly humble beginnings originally purchased as a way to get Randy to and from his job.

While at that time money wasn’t great Randy was able to do a few modifications to the car (Tein S-Techs, JDM fogs, and an AEM CAI) however shortly after getting started Randy realized that modifying a car and putting himself through college didn’t leave him with a lot of cash flow.

So even though he was just at the beginning of the build he decided to put car modifications on hold and focus on getting through college both academically and financially.

This turned out to be a wise choice because anytime he had a spare moment in College he planned what he wanted to do to his car once he left.

Once he was able to put long nights and finals behind him Randy capitalized on his research and took his car from nearly stock to what you see today.

Along the way he also ended up meeting a group of  enthusiasts who helped him learn to do a lot of the work to the car himself and he is quick to admit that without the help of this group of friends known as ‘TBB’ his car simply wouldn’t be what it is now.

Currently driving one of the cleanest fifth generation Preludes around Randy is happily enjoying the fruits of his labor recently being featured on Prelude Power and entering two local shows.

Randy hopes to achieve more with his car in the future and with his mindset,  determination, and network of friends, I only see great things to come for this already fantastic looking Prelude.

Photo Credit: zomgitsnole

Modification List


  • OEM front lip
  • Mugen Style Sideskirts
  • Mugen Style Rear Add-Ons molded to stock lip
  • Shaved sidemarkers off of front bumper
  • FX35 bi-xenon projectors retrofitted into OEM headlights with painted black housing
  • DDM Tuning HID kit / 4300k OEM Philips headlight bulbs
  • Authentic JDM fog lights / DDM Tuning HID kit 6k bulbs
  • LED License Plate light


  • S2000 AP1 Seats
  • Proper+ Clear/Black stripes 220mm Shift Knob
  • Painted silver “bezel rings” in gauge cluster
  • JVC’s KD-AVX11 DVD/MP3 deck
  • Wink 5-panel panoramic rear-view mirror
  • LED dome/trunk light


  • BC Racing BR Series Extreme Low Coilovers
  • Suspension Techniques rear sway bar
  • DC lower tie bar
  • Burning gold work VS-XX’s 18×7+25 / 18×9+30
  • Nankang ns-II’s 215/35f 225/35r


  • AEM Cold Air Intake
  • Custom “bosozoku”-style exhaust
  • NGK Iridium spark plugs
  • NGK spark plug wires
  • Skunk2 Cam Seal Plug


  1. I was worried you were only starting to feature dubs 😉

    Car looks great, don’t see too many people messing with these.

  2. Hi,

    I want to use 17×8 20ET rims, with 225/45 tires in front and rear, is it possible in a Prelude like yours?

    I await your reply by email, thank you

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