Theme Tuesdays: Honda Preludes


From the perspective of someone who doesn’t live and breath Honda it the Preludes seems like the black sheep of the community when compared to Civics, CRXs, and even Accords. At shows and events there numbers are always fairly small.

I don’t think the Prelude is an unattractive car at all and with the right touch all generations can be done up tastefully. I think if Honda made them in a FR configuration more people would mess with them today instead of just plucking their motors and moving on.

Old's cool more so with K-1s
Perhaps one of the most popular Preludes online currently
Lookin' like an axe murder lurking in the woods
Wet n' Black
Does Master P say much of anything anymore?
Same car as above but previous wheel setup
Found this in a for sale thread, so the dude in the pic may or may not still own it
I pass a Prelude with this Greddy lip every day on my way to work but it looks nothing like this
Not every car can pull of the chrome RPF1s but this car does it well
Super clean
Angles like these really make the Prelude seem like it should be a rwd sports coupe
Simplicity at it's best
Big Mike.


  1. This would have better resale value if it really was RWD. Picture 10+11 would be used for (^_^)

  2. Great post to a Great handling car, selected as top 10 sports cars during their production run..Mines a 98 bb6 and still running strong and getting eye pops..

  3. I have witnessed a prelude like the last pic have a very solid 100kph (60mph) impact directly in the drivers door. It was t-boned at an intersection.
    I thought the driver would be dead for sure but he walked away with only minor scratches!
    Since that day I have an unbelievable respect for poo-ludes!

  4. Pics 9 & 13 are the same exact car surprisingly. RHD BB6, owned by a buddy of mine.

    P.S. – They were SPC coated RPF1’s, but who really gives.. Love this site btw.

  5. thay look great in silver but in the eu the moat comon stock color tends to be that HIDIUS pinky purpley bugandy

  6. I love all preludes, but the last pic is by far one of my favorites i’ve ever seen. Color and all, i’m actually about to us montana rattle cans to paint my car a similar color and see how it looks once it’s cleared with professional grade automotive clear. My buddy did it and it looks great, we’ll see if i have the same luck. If not to the pain shop i go haha.

  7. Way more love for this than I expected 🙂

    Gas, Brake will auto clean stick to rattle can paint? I know I have had different brands of rattle can lift others.

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