Event Coverage: Parking Lot Pimpin’ 3


Since I was young I’ve always had an interest in the Lowrider culture, and while it’s tough to say who exactly started this stance business I think it’s safe to assume that Lowrider guys are some of the true OGs.

When I found out this event was taking place minutes from my house deciding whether or not to attend was a no-brainer, especially because for the longest time my only exposure to cars like these was through television and music.

If you’ve never been to a Lowrider show and there is one near you be sure to pass through and take a look at the cars, with a lot of the builds the quality is through the roof.


I wasn’t expecting to see any bikes at the show so I was pleasantly surprised by the ones I did see, all of them looked like awesome. I think this winter I might spend a bit more time on motorcycle blogs so I can do a better job of identifying what I see.

Once again wishing I knew a bit more about bikes
This marks the second time I have seen a woman on a custom bike
There were crowd around this bike most of the day
So I bet your wondering what's going on up near the front tire?
Well this is what was going on...

Non Lowriders

Most of the cars at the show were lowriders but there were a couple different cars out as well. Minitruck guys you let me down though, I thought a lot of you would come out 😛

If you asked me what to expect to see at PP3 a Skyline would have been at the bottom of my list
I was honestly surprised that this was the only mini at the show, but I had not seen it before so it's all good
Livin' the life
This Donk was blasting tons of bass, but that's not what caught my eye
Donk's stretch? I had no idea
Fitting this car was there being ae86 day after all
This car pulled up and a crowd gathered instantly
From what I overheard the grill shell and body are all 30s Ford and the rest is custom
It's on air if you are curious


All of the local Lowrider clubs came out to show support, Majestics, Affiliated, Rydaz 4 Life, Rollerz Only, Luxurious and the True Playaz

The bicycles at the show were not just accessories but custom builds themselves
True Playaz, the hosts of this shindig
Being a family event seeing kids in and around the cars wasn't surprising
I swear to god I saw this car in a snowstorm once
Joe from Rollerz Only is one of the first people to ever give me a media pass for an event, good peoples
This Cadillac is simply bad ass
I'm actually impressed the owner managed to used up that huge trunk
This car has still got the biggest continental kit I've ever seen
Steve told me I had to check out this wagon
So I did a walk around the car...
and saw the four pumps and multiple batteries and figured we would see it hop...
but instead he just cruised the parking lot up on three
This Impala could appear in the dictionary next to the definition lowrider
This Gold 65 Impala is incredible, that pin stripe is gold leaf
Or Pimpala rather
I love gooooooooooold
Black '63 from the Empire State
Gorgeous engine bay on this car, would be right at home in a custom too
Ass end as nice as the front
The amount of work in the paint on some of these cars was astounding

Big Dave’s Caddy

This car was all about the details. So much in fact that I spent so much time looking at the artwork all over (literally all over) this car that I didn’t take a single picture of it as a whole, something that has never happened before.

Luckily I was able to find a picture of the car on the Luxurious Montreal page
The art on the rad support jumps out at you but check out the engraving on the motor
Engraving continues
I wouldn't even know where to look to get this type of work done
If prior to looking at this car you were not scared of clowns you might be after
Evil clown hidden under what looked to be miles of clear
Can't sleep clown will eat me...

Hop Contest

Ever want to see a kids eyes light up? Take them to a lowrider hop contest.

Lyndsey and I met up with my friend Steve who brought his nephew along and to say he was excited to see the cars hop would have be a serious understatement.

It was disappointing to see this car break as it's always a good performer but it happens
Joe getting his big Caddy in the air
This car was getting right up there
The abuse these things have to withstand is crazy to think about
Money green Monte Carlo flexin'
Customary three wheel on the way out

That’s it for Parkin’ Lot Pimpin 3, shout out to Alvaro Puro Cervantes for putting me onto this event. Keep checking the fan page for quick videos of the hop contest.


  1. can you start an upcoming events section , it seems i come here and find out about these shows AFTER they happen, lol btw that mini is a full size 😛

  2. Chris I was working on an event calendar at one point in time then the show season hit me like a brick.

    Next year? (I mentioned it Friday btw :P)

  3. ’64 impala is my dream car.

    i get the whole rat rod thing and all but the chopped top could’ve been done better. the line all the way around looks like poo

  4. Thanks so much for coming out dude! We appreciate the fact that you took the time to check out our lifestyle and the love we have for our cars.
    You are welcome anytime to come out. Hopefully we will see you next year.
    VP True Playaz CC

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