WTF Friday: Big Bertha


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something questionable/’too each their own’ looking in a WTF Friday post so here is an… interesting truck I came across on s10 forum.

I’m fairly sure the owner of this truck would vomit at the cars I normally post here as it is quite obvious the thought patterns of he or she and myself when it comes to car modifications do not come anywhere close to matching up.

It’s not my place to tell someone how to modify their vehicle but I am curious how much it would cost to put tires all around on this beast.  o_0

There is quite a bit going on here so be sure to get a good look and take it all in
I'm curious if given to option which a cop would pull over a dumped car or a jacked tandem? Tandem would go free I bet.
Did you expect any other sort of mudflaps?

Site Updates

I’ll be hitting up the True Playaz Lowrider BBQ here in Mississauga Saturday and I am really looking forward to it as its been awhile since I have been to a gathering of traditionally done up low lows.

Aside from that I’ve got a couple things in the works but one thing I have to get started on is some new sticker designs in time for Importfest.

I just called myself out on that though so maybe it will help?

Flashback Friday

Since I will probably be seeing some of the same cars from Scrape 2009 tomorrow here is a whip back to that coverage.

Hmmm three wheel Theme Tuesday one day?

I think maybe I’ll listen to some West Coast Hip Hop this weekend…


  1. Im almost sure the tandem would go free. Around my area, I get ticketed for having a custom exhaust (which isn’t even that loud), while mallcrawlers like this and harleys screammm down the street, probably breaking 130 db. it’s hypocrisy.

  2. Cost for tires? Thanks to my job, free. Gotta love working for a tire manufacturer. But, since I only get 20 tires every 5 years, I’d rather not have to put 10 on a single vehicle.

  3. Don’t like the truck. It also looks like they bought everything out of a Stylintrucks catalog and threw it on.

  4. twin axle vans are cool twin axle trucks not so much that things so long how can i even be riged

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