I want a Versa


If you asked me this morning if I would type those words my answer would have been no but Dominic of Dominant Engineering, who is also the owner of the Ford Focus SVT I featured awhile back, sent me an email this afternoon that changed my tune.

In two days Dom took his girlfriends Versa from stock to this, including fixing the cracked and curbed wheels.

This was also his first air ride install… work f*ckin’ done.

09 Nissan Versa from Dominic Biro on Vimeo.

More on this car and another car Dom has had his hand in soon.

Video Credit: Dominic Biro


  1. my favorite wheels, and a car i’ve always known to have potential. Great combination of colors and fitment, i also love the air ride setup. I’m going to bag my civic, and im on the same set of wheels with the opposite color placement but eerily similar colors lol. Congrats on a beautiful ride =]

  2. versa isn’t my cup of tea but the rims and fitment are hot.

    I just wanna know what that song was…..wicked!

  3. That is an awesome video of the, shall I say, “Poor Man’s WRX STi”. The Versa hatchback looks mean and racy. Should have custom black background headlights or projector headlights. The custom tires and rims are the same size as the WRX’s. Of course, the Versa engine would need some horsepower bumping up and tweaking with supercharger and ECU.
    After a lot of modifications, maybe the Versa will be able to keep up with the WRX!

  4. men , i loved your nissan tiida / versa , nice wheel collor combination and offset , air suspention looks nice too , and the music is amazing you can tell me what is the name of the music ? thanks
    I have a 2010 nissan tiida and i want to put 19 inch on it with 215/35/19 tires but now im thinking on 18 inch with an offset like yours i really loved your nissan thanks again , alexandre from brasil

  5. What is the exact tire/wheel package on that Versa? Curious, got a ’15 Versa that would probably look good with something like that…

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