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David over at Import Bible has been on his grind and is currently in his fifth year of designing and producing shirts independently. To celebrate this respectable feat he has released his series 5 T shirts.

As a show of support and Canadian brotherly love David sent me a shirt, lanyard, and a couple stickers from his latest line.  My wardrobe is mostly made up of BMX shirts and stuff from so getting some automotive apparel into the mix was long over due.

I received the  ‘All Time‘ shirt which is a design inspired by 10 Deep (one of David’s favorite brands). The subject matter of the shirt obviously suits me pretty well as I clearly like my cars low and when it arrived I was immediately impressed with the quality of shirt, print, and design.

It’s something that can easily work it’s way into my everyday wear and not just something for automotive events.

The lanyard he sent along with the shirt is also pretty slick. Not only does it pay homage to some of histories greatest wheel designs it also conveniently does a good job of matching the color I picked for the center of my Equips.

I’ve got a couple of lanyards kicking around the house and this one is the best looking in my collection so far and the only  one to have a nice quality clasp for the key ring.

You will definitely see this hanging out of my pocket at local events.

Dave and I have already been in early talks about collaboration for late 2011 which I am really looking forward to and he recently launched the IFEST clothing line which is the collaboration between him and the Import Fest brand.

Always good to see fellow Canadian enthusiasts doing big things!

If you want to check out Import Bibles latest designs head over to

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