Returning to Binbrook


It’s been two years since I last took a trip out to Binbrook Speed & Custom, my friend Keith’s hot rod shop. In that time Keith has impressively grown the operation while continuing to build some of the best traditional hot rods in Ontario.

As a show of appreciation for the support he’s received since making the transition to building Hot Rods full-time, Keith held a BBQ at the Binbrook shop for customers and friends alike.

While a proper visit back to the shop, free of adult beverages (or perhaps, with adult beverages not being the focus), is in order I couldn’t go and not take a few photos.

For at start-up, mostly one man and a few friends, operation Keith manages to get a lot of work done. Especially considering how busy he has been after having several cars on display at the Canadian International Autoshow and then Motorama in 2015.

His shop is currently full of projects, both inside and out ranging from driver quality hot rods, lead sleds, show grade builds, and even a milk wagon.

Being too busy is something every shop wishes for, and Keith takes things day by day. He’s got a leg up on most people’s jobs commute wise as he’s about sixty seconds total from bed, to shop, and back again.

Not without his humor, even while at full capacity, Keith scrawled this little note about the application of small blocks on the side of one of the current builds in the shop.

Somehow, while neck deep in customer projects, Keith found time to redo the Binbrook Coupe the first hot rod he built mostly in his mother’s garage.

This time around Keith spared no time or expense building the coupe. Getting the car presentable for the Cleveland Piston Power was the goal and on that front he succeed despite a few set backs along the way.

As it sits in the photos the car is a roller, and Keith wants to revisit a few things before it hits the road, but it looks incredible all the same.

The body and paintwork are now immaculate and the flake is easily some of the best I’ve seen, and darn near impossible to capture accurately on camera.

You can bet I’ll be back to take more photos of the car when it’s complete. I mean just look at it, how could I not?


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