Theme Tuesdays: Billet Wheels, Small Cars


This week’s Theme Tuesday is an offshoot from another Theme Tuesday idea I’ve currently got on the back burner. I’ve always liked the right billet wheels on a Europoean car or import so for this post I decided to seek out more.

While titled this post Billet Wheels, Small Cars, some of these cars are not exactly small and some of the wheels are not billets.

However I couldn’t figure out a shorter title for “wheels usually found on hot rods, muscle cars, and mini trucks used on cars” so here we are. Wheels like Boyd Coddingtons, Centerlines, American Alloy, Eagle Alloy and so forth are the name of the game here.

I’ve posted this car before. I think it looks pretty perfect
I couldn’t find complete photos of this Caddy sadly – Photo: Mike Gilbert 
I did however have a gif of it kicking around
The Coddingtons look great under the ‘dub, very period correct – Photo: Sam Dobbins
I feel like these wheels were hopping around for sale for a bit
I have no idea what wheels these are, or how you mount them, but they are indeed unique
I wish I could have found more pictures of this car, it’s perfect
A Prius can spin large billet wheels? Who knew – Owner: @gas8181
Same could be said for this Peugeot
Centerlines fall under the may or may not be Billet wheels category, but I couldn’t leave ’em out
Full polished Centerlines under Japanese tin is great – Via The Chronicles
BMWs and billets, a mismatch made in heaven
Looks stellar rolling too
Going to close it out with this wagon that I’d glady roll around in –  via


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