Winter Wednesdays: IS300 snow day


It feels a little weird posting a Winter Wednesday today as it’s actually fairly mild here in the Toronto area (above zereo).

I also can’t remember if it snowed the last seven days but what the hell both of these IS300s are more than worth posting.

I can’t recall where the owner of the one on gumetal one lives but I’m told the owner of the white one lives in a part of Virginia that generally doesn’t get lots of snow.

From what I hear from my friend Colby it also snowed in Texas this year winter so I guess anythings possible.

Pretty sure I posted this car without the snow when I talked about my wheels not fitting (FYI they fit now)
For a State that's not supposed to get a lot of snow they did pretty well
Hopefully no salt found it's way onto these wheels

There is still a little bit of winter left so if you have some photos of your ride in the snow you want to send in just drop me an email.

Thanks to Aidan for sending these two through.


  1. Im the owner of the White Is300. Thanks for the feature.

    And as i know, the Gray Is300 live in NC.
    And i took the pic by some Crappy Camera, Digital 8.0 M that all lol.

  2. DAVET you absolute LEGEND! THANKS!

    a local motorstore told me i couldnt fit 18×9.5+20 !!

    well now thanks to dave and aidan i know they cant tell their arsehole from their elbow!

    thanks again guys!

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