Theme Tuesdays: Mitsubishi Evos (Pt. 2)


On the heels of last weeks slightly unorthodox Theme Tuesday I decided to go with something a little more standard this week.

With the Evo IXs slowly starting to trickle onto Canadian streets, and the new Dodge Charger looking oddly Evo X inspired I’ve had these cars on the brain a little bit more than usual lately, which worked well as I had a decent number of them saved on my hard drive as well.

This is actually the second time I have done the evo/lancer platform but I think I manged to pull it off without any major repeats.

Interested to see what this car looks like this season
This cars so nice I had it saved twice
These cars laugh at Canadian bumper requirements
Moderate stretch, moderate poke, big fan of this look
You've probably already seen this car already
Dangerous duo
These cars are great at looking aggressive and functional
Full of win
Shortly after this photo was taken the owner drove off in a controlled manner
I need lug nuts this color that do not break the bank
Gettin' on it
Even though this color reminds me of the Exorcist puke scene I had to post it
Reminds me of Punisher
Well played Hipermax, well played
Hammer down


  1. Ah man! Like I needed ANY encouragement to look for cars I can’t afford to buy or run!

    Awesome collection of pics all the same thou!

    Keep up the outstanding work!

  2. thanks Dave for posting my car on your site again.

    Im probably gonna let you guys down for who are expecting a new look of my evo IX this season:

    I drove to a carwash to get my car shined couple of days ago, and then I suddenly realized that was not a touchless carwash while I’m already on the roller. So basically the machine ripped my roof rack apart, which I later found out the door frames are bent and all the passenger side body work has been damaged.

    I guess it’s time to get a repaint for a fresh look this summer. xD

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