WTF Friday: Bike Ram Rod


Last night I found yet another site dedicated to the weird projects and off beat ideas that came from the mid 70s to late 80s.

Deep down the vintage rabbit hole I discovered the “Super Trooper Roadster” built by Trooper Trudeau.



A 1945 Harley Davidson combined with a ’36 Harley side car produces this interesting quad like vehicle that has a ’41 flat head riding shotgun.

Outlandishly unique this vehicle looks really cool especially on the era correct mag wheels.

Is a quad cooler than a motorcycle? Not sure but at least this one is 100% unique.




Wonder where it ended up? Possible garage sale find for someone perhaps.


  1. It is in Gainesville FL. A friend’s father recently bought it from the man that bought it from Trooper. There has been some up grades and a different engine, but is basically the same. It will be for sale when completed. It was in Easyrider in the 80’s. I have current pictures.

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