WTF Friday: Supercharged V8 Intrepid


Amazed, and confused. Both of those words describe my initial reaction to seeing a rear wheel drive, supercharged v8 powered, Chrylser Intrepid.

I guess its not all together ridiculous.Intrepids can’t be worth all that much these days and they do happen to have very large engine bays.

I’ve also came to learn that the exhaust tunnel can double for a drive shaft tunnel provided you route the exhaust elsewhere.

I suppose like most of the swaps I post on Fridays the question isn’t why, it is why not? I can’t really think of a good reason not to put the motor in there if you have both kicking around.

Wonder what it runs?
Not sure what this motor is puting out either

The yellow accenting though… I wouldn’t have put that on there and I may have perhaps forgone the blower for more of a sleeper look like this one (yes there is more than one).

Photo Credit: Dave7

There is a build on the black one in the video linked above here, nothing on this one though. Unless of course this is the same one as that just later along.

Site Updates

Hoping to get an event coverage year and review post up next week, not sure when I will work on it but it would be the next ‘big’ thing coming for 2011 with more features resuming 2012.

I also found out a feature I wrote made print so I have to see if I can get a hold of that as well.

Flasback Friday

Don’t normally flash back to past WTF Fridays but this Skynoma is awesome and I am going to see if I can find more of it (if I do it will make the fan page)

Happy Holidays!

Not too late to late to get your favorite Canadian auto blogger and Audi A3.


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