Featured Photographer: Nick Busato


I’ve known Nick for a few years now and one thing I realized about him early on is that he is a perfectionist who sets the bar for himself incredibly high.

When he rode it wasn’t uncommon to see him do a trick over and over until he deemed it was perfect, even though the rest of us thought it was perfect sixteen tries previous.

These days he has focused his passion towards photography and has approached it with the same mindset.

Vivid Tranquility

Lost in the woods

Menacing Darkness

Into The Abyss

If I were to ask Nick which of his photos were his favorite chances are he would only answer me after explaining how each of them could be better if he were to shoot them all again.

But that’s just Nick, he is not the type to ever stop trying to improve or settle for ‘pretty good’ and this is the reason why I believe that the sky is truly the limit when it comes to how far automotive photography is going to take him in the future.

The Stare

Guillaume Moreau

A Moment Of Calm

In the year or so that he has truly dedicated himself to capturing motorsport Nick has been fortunate enough to travel to several  events in the United States at famed venues such as Watkins Glen, and Lime Rock.

A little closer to home he has also covered three different top tier events here at Mosport Raceway in Bomanville Ontario.

We Are Number One

Rob Dyson, One Happy Team Owner

With this caliber of coverage under his belt in his first year don’t be surprised if you start to see Nick’s name and watermark attached to some of your favorite racing photos in years to come.

It is really awesome to be able to showcase some of Nick’s work here on Stance Is Everything and I couldn’t think of a better photographer to close out features for the year.

Blast Off

Speed From This Vantage Point

Nick would like to thank the guys at Inside Track and Ryan from Mosport for all of their help in 2011.

If you like what you see here check out all of Nick’s work at flickr.com/jamesbusato/.

As Nick got the year end feature I asked him for  a lot of photos and he certainly delivered so here are a few more:

Prost Puts the Rebellion To Work

Frantic Calm

I Believe I Can Fly


Sebastian Saavedra Has A Wheel Lifting Experience

S For Scheckter


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