Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Photo Sources: Wheels Are Everything, Kustomrama, Speedhunters


While living vicariously through Mark’s awesome Wheels Are Everything coverage of the 2015 Grand National Roadster show, I spotted an unmistakable red ’64 impala with silver flake side panels.

I knew I had seen the car before, and in a much earlier photo, but couldn’t place where.



Some searching concluded that the Impala I was looking at was NOT the car thought it was but instead the Bloody Mary II, Howard Gribble’s personal tribute to the original Bloody Mary that vanished in the sometime in the ’70s.



Howard is an OG, and lowriding, historian who saw the Bloody Mary in it’s prime and was so moved by it that he wanted to carry its legacy forward to a new generation.

The tribute car is incredibly accurate with everything from the dual frenched antennas to the intricate cob webbed silver flake paint being replicated perfectly.

Even the interior is a perfect reproduction of the original.



More information about the original Bloody Mary can be found on Kustrama and I highly encourage giving the wiki entry a read for quotes like this:

In the case of hydraulic lifts there seemed also to be an extra element of anger directed at a lowered car that, at the flip of a switch, could be raised to a legal ride height. This was like a slap in the face to many cops, seemingly making them somewhat the butt of a big joke.

and transformations like this:




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