Girl you be killin ’em


Since it’s Valentines Day (and because I have this song stuck in my head) I figured it would be appropriate to post these photos of a local female who rolled damn hard in 2010.

I’ve seen this car in person a few times, once at a CSCS event, and then a couple weeks later at a BBQ in Markham, but prior to seeing these shots on JDM Rides I didn’t know of any photos that really captured just how nice this car really is.

CCW Classics + a clean body + healthy drop is always a recipe for success.

Some might say this car is nice for a Honda
Some might say nice for a girl's car
I just think it's damn nice.

Photo credit: Emilio at TwoLitre Media.


  1. Love it! I had a Milano Red ’99 SiR, and I have CCW Classics on my Cobra now… so this car is double-sweet for me!

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