Event Coverage August 22nd CSCS Pt 1


Sunday August 22nd 2010 was a busy day for the GTA automotive community. Three events took place simultaneously (Vagkraft, Meeting of The Mazdas, and CSCS:Xtreme Tuner Challenege) and depending on your location you were anywhere from damp to soaked as the weather didn’t want any of these things to happen.

Thankfully in Cayuga at CSCS the weather actually wasn’t too bad for most of the day, a little damp at times but for the most part dry and great for photos.

I managed to take quite a few pictures so I’ve broken up the coverage into multiple parts, today’s coverage is of the off track action.

Transformer II

I am a BIG Transformers (Generation 1 & 2) fan but this truck was a bit much for even me. Team H.V. put a lot of time into this truck (Avalanche?) but it was just way over the top.

I've never seen a wooden Autobot insignia before
Massive custom tilt front end
It's won a whole lot of trophies...


This is the first time I have seen this Trial wide body Subaru in track trim and I’ll tell ya it looked good out on there on the track.

I might actually like this business setup over his usual set up
Up close of the sticker bomb


With Vagkraft going on at Downsview park a lot of the European crowd was over there ,but a few came out to enjoy the drier weather at CSCS

Gary's bright wide body e46, this is the first time I have noticed that he could go wider with his wheels
Spotted this MKII Golf in the paddock and out on the track
It was pretty quick
Nice Jetta on big lip RMs
The red on the outside of the lips was a unique touch, you can just make it out here

Chevy’s and Minis

Bowtie owners always bring the goods.

I have been given to OK by my girlfriend to build a car like this Nova
A GTA show regular
James brought his truck out and I manged to shoot it at the worst lighting angle ever
I did however get an alright shot of detailing he has going on underneath the truck
This bagged s10 was looking a little lonely
So some women stopped by to keep it company


As usual Nextmod rolled pretty deep both in the Show and Shine and the time attack/lapping events

Andrew was parked near the track, with the Nextmod fam
Andrew's trunk setup is very clean, I like the red on black
This Acura's Arc lip on the ground
Advnce Power House/Nextmod/Amuse s2000
Pearly's rims are greener than the grass


When not on the track I manged to snap a few shots of these well used Nissans

Cooling between runs, this driver pushed his car hard
Chris St John can really slide a car
Nothing zip ties can't fix

Honda’s and Acuras

Just a preview of some of the cars that will probably be at Honda-Tech 7 next weekend, hopefully I can sneak out and get a few pics after the move.

Dumped Accord
With a cleaned, polished/chrome bay
Boosted H.V. performance DA
Big Turbo Inlet horn, looks like a trumpet
Very clean Turo el
Tiddy detailed engine pay
and an equally tidy trunk set up
Very clean functional looking eighth gen
@ChesterYu29's Civic on super Advans
I must have just missed him as he was judging at the show
Msequence got new rims as well as a few spoon accessories
The K swapped CRX from Scrape By The Lake
I almost got a set of these for my car but the offset was just a bit too aggressive (mexi)
I've taken a picture of this EK hatch every time I have seen it, love the color
Three very clean EKs
Never thought I would like purple lips, but here we are
Closer look at the SIR on CCWs
Which is actually owned by a woman
No, I am not tired of these wheels

That’s it for today, check back Wednesday (or maybe Thursday) for photos of the on track action with some guest shots from my girlfriend.


  1. that red typhoon posted at the end is my roomates! hahaha your probably saw it the only time it was dirty ever! he washes his cars like 5 times a week! def a wicked truck tho

  2. I love the cars and trucks, all look very nice. But was this held at a construction site? Hard to imagine all these low vehicles clearing some of those pot holes they are parked over.

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